19 thoughts on “10 Mysterious Things Found After Hurricanes

  1. Those clips at 1:59 is exactly where I live- Rockaway beach. Everyone in my profile picture lives there as well. Sandy was scary, never forget.

  2. Wait what about Harvey? I don't live in Houston but I went there to see family AND ALL OF THE SUDDEN IT STARTED TO RAIN AND IT WAS TIME FOR HARVEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I HATE HARVEY

  3. HURRICANE! YOUR NOT YOU WHEN YOUR HUNGRY! Gives hurricane Snickers Bar
    Hurricane:*eats snicker*

  4. Check out GEOSTORM its an movie that controls the weather and the space station crew make an virus it was 2 persons that hacked the Hong Kong satellite and self destructed the space station and they choose an satellite to go to earth but their ship came by and collected the satellite it was an pod to it has an remote and the space station needed 17 entries to build it the contries are the United Kingdom the united states of America china and some more.

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