15 thoughts on “10 Things That Would Happen If The Earth Was FLAT

  1. Wow, that was annoying . Who did they pay to make this video ? It's the first of it I have seen. They hidethe flat earth with the round earth because the flat earth proves God. So the round earth hides God. That's the main point.*

  2. I start to think flat earth is bull§hit..! I can't see Spain from my house in New Zealand, I understand there is some optical anomaly and such.. but, what about, when I go on an aircraft at 30k feet? Can't still see Spain..! Do we have to go, like 500k miles high in the sky??

  3. Ok, if the earth was flat, all countries would have same time zone? Also, because of gravity anomaly, we would weight differently in each country??

  4. You can't fall off an Earth that has no end but continues as the sky(world without end) and worlds beyond the Poles. There is no real north and no bottom. Latitude and longitude only work on a flat plane. There are two arctic circles. The second is the Antarctic circle. The land is beyond the circle. Why is there a Pole moving procedure?? Why do ice breaker ships go to the North Pole with supplies but never get there?? Who gets the supplies when they stick a pole in the ice; have a party with Santa, and turn around when they could keep going???

  5. Then the spectrum that is caused by the sun and atmosphere should make the moon multi colored, ever think off that

  6. There is one simple test they can conduct to prove if their flat earth theory is correct and true, all chip in and take a trip to Antarctica (so called ice wall that surrounds the whole earth that is guarded by the military powers of the world and the UN to ensure no-one comes sniffing around to expose we're on a flat earth) as there are plenty of tour companies out there offering this service. Take a compass with you so you know you're heading south and not to the North Pole, actually go there, then you can show us the literally thousands of ships that would be needed to patrol the entire ice wall from prying eyes, i dare any flat earther to actually book a trip and film what they see when they arrive – then you can prove all of us non believers wrong once and for all. You wont visit or even attempt to visit, because of REASONS.

  7. I read in physics pdf that our weight changes depend on if we are on poles or an equator because of closeness of Earth`s center

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