16 thoughts on “10 Ways to Say You’re Thankful in English – Thanksgiving Lesson

  1. Woooow wonderful lesson dear Jennifer. I’m truly thankful for watching your lesson. Wishing you and your whole family a lovely happy Thanksgiving. Please say hello to Natasha and Alex. From my heart. A

  2. OMG! I missed the kids. Happy Thanksgiving. It's good to remember things that we should be thankful for.

  3. We don't have this tradition here in Britain. i wished we we did…BTW – Am I correct to say 'I wished we did' or should it be 'I wish we did?' – I am entering the murky area of The Passive Voice in the present and want to get it right. Happy thanksgiving.

  4. Jennifer, I'm thankful to you for your warm and useful videos! Your children are really nice and look smart! I'm so lucky that I found your videos some years ago. Hello from Moscow and happy Thanksgiving Day!!!

  5. I am grateful for having you as my English teacher and it is my luck to watch this video! You are great!!!

  6. Some English teacher said me that Mood always depends on Modal verb but
    Some other teacher(Ex. you) said me that we don't always have a modal verb to express a mood.
    Please get my confusion clear and try to understand my point.
    Thank u Mam

  7. =';'= I'm thankful for having a teacher just like you. I really appreciate your hard work, your style is original and I love it. Keep the good work.

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