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Opening my business on the web remains one of the proudest moments that I have. It took a lot of courage to begin my business, a local Shroomery where we grow a plethora of Oyster Mushrooms for consumption here in Louisville, Kentucky, but I quickly realized that when it came to marketing my business on the web I knew absolutely nothing! When I signed up to create the domain name, I simply chose to go with the SEO services that the host company offered and left it at that. If only I had known about a local SEO service at the time, I may not have wasted the money on my host company!

I remain ignorant of just how it all works behind the scenes. I know this much; Search Engine Optimization can be considered the unseen backbone of Internet marketing. For the most part, I do know that (at least with Google), the density of keyword association that is linked somehow to your website (I imagine hyperlinking is the key here) as well as clicks based on search results. I noticed that I had a huge spike in traffic and page ranking when I carried an article that was picked up by several mainstream websites.

The thing is, my website was only coming up when it was associated with that content that I had written. If you typed in the ‘genre’ of my site, you wouldn’t find it on the first page! I was pretty bummed about this until I found Liftmyrank who was able to help me engineer premium keywords. Whatever their method, I was able to secure top rank results for my website in just a month with several different keywords linking to my site specifically. That’s the kind of results that I am talking about people!

What is the Pirate Bay?

Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time on the internet has probably heard of The Pirate Bay. In fact, even some people who do not use the internet have heard about it through the news or other sources. The bottom line is that the website is a huge part of modern day technology, whether people want to acknowledge it or not. Of course there is tons of debate over the legality of it, but ultimately it simply serves as a place that allows users to trade files. Files that break copyright may not be legal to share in some countries, but that does not seem to be stopping anything.

It is surprising, as many other attempts at peer to peer services have been shut down once reaching this level of popularity. The Pirate Bay has indeed seen administrators and staff taken to court, but they continue to fight and show no signs of giving in. Unlike predecessors such as Napster or Kazaa, companies from the music industry and other places have not been able to stop these guys from continuing their work. They have actually been running the site for almost 10 years now, continuing to advance the technology and security behind it.

This is a large part of the reason they are still running, as their smart use of technology has turned the website into something akin to the hydras seen in mythology. This is because the servers are not all hosted in one location and the website is made so that it can be quickly redeployed. This results in an awkward situation for authorities, as they can take down a hosting server but the website will remain active. Combine this with the fact that it is free to use and does not require users to register, and it is very hard to do anything about stopping them.

A Good Niche for a Web Page

A good niche for a web page would be something which would attract a certain type of query it seems. I was thinking about it today. I was looking for Baby Christening gifts, in fact I need two of them as I have two cousins who have had children who are coming to the time when they need to be christened. I started looking on the web for a good idea of what you do and I got to thinking that there must be thousands of people out in the vast expanses of cyberspace who are looking for this exact thing. Obviously if you are to think about you could do a web page where you set it up for each individual type of occasion and then you could also fix it so that you were doing very little else. It is not as though you need to do the hard part of the job.

The sales part is the hard part, you have to get the customer through the door (or so to speak) and then you have to make them the offer that they find to be reasonable. You need to have a selection of gifts that would appeal to any type of person and fit the needs of the recipient. A christening is just one niche. You could do the same thing for any type of party or holiday. The bachelor and bachelorette party would be the thing I was thinking about. They require all sorts of knick knacks. Same thing with baby showers. Weddings are probably already done and overdone. That is like a huge industry and you would be up against people who already have established their business model and figured out how to make money. You would probably be better off looking for more open markets.

The Best Day to Buy Televisions

There going to be great cyber Monday TV deals 2014. Every year thousands of people go out and go shopping on Black Friday and also on cyber Monday. Black Friday is a great day for people to be able to buy things such as clothing. Cyber Monday is the day that all of those people that want to buy their electronics save up their money for. It is the day when the electronics go on sale at the majority of the big electronic stores.

There are different ways that a person can choose to take advantage of the sales on cyber Monday. If a person is interested in buying a television, then cyber Monday is the best day to get it. They can choose to go to one of their favorite electronic stores in order to see what sells that they may have on televisions. One of the best things to do in order to take advantage of the sales on cyber Monday is to read the paper ahead of time. Generally the Thursday before Black Friday they will have a big newspaper that will show all of the deals that certain stores are going to be offering on their electronics. When a person looks through this newspaper they are able to figure out which stores they are going to want to go to and in that way they can save themselves a lot of time.

It’s also possible to find great deals on things such as laptops, televisions, and tablets on the Internet. The great thing about cyber Monday is that it is also a day that people can order their electronics online at discounted rates. This is a very smart way to go as well, because by ordering electronics online, a person can avoid having to go out to stores and waiting in very long lines. In reality cyber Monday is one of the best days for a person to buy televisions, because they have great deals, and this cyber Monday 2014 is definitely going to be a very memorable one.

The Health of Having a Chocie

Virginia Tech Research Showcases Solar Energy Storage In A Power GridI have no doubt that Reliant Energy is one of the most cost effective choices that someone like me, a college student trying to hold down two jobs, is going to find here in Texas. I like to tell my friends that I consider myself lucky because of the simple fact of having a choice for your energy providers allows us Texans to save money on our energy. I’ve lived here for nearly half my life now but I definitely remember a time when I was living in Kentucky and we only had a single energy provider for us to depend on.

Sure, an energy company is not legally capable of charging you over a certain amount but without any kind of competition against them they don’t have to be competitive with their prices and don’t have to offer any kind of new technology which might be available to help lower the costs. I find this to be an absurd fact of life – industry by nature must be competitive to be healthy. Looking at the economy of each state in the United States and it’s easy to see where competitive exists and where it has been dominated by a handful of companies.

Consumers suffer and so do residents. When a state allows the health of their economy to suffer, taxes are going to go up and the financial burden of their costs mistakes are going to naturally fall onto the residents. In turn, they are still dependent upon the companies that they shop from who are most likely responsible for the rising of taxes. Every state should be encouraging competition in business and forcing industries to strict guidelines. Just like Time Warner or Comcast, these companies should be forced to compete with each other and never should one single company offer a majority of residents a single service.