Better, Faster FIOS Internet in Fort Wayne in

We lived in the suburbs close to a rural area. They had not had fiber optic Internet service available by the time we moved. When we moved closer to Fort Wayne, Indiana we got fiber optic then. There was a big difference in speed. The bandwidth was much more too. I no longer had to ask the kids and my wife to stop what they were doing for a few minutes so I could download a huge data file from work. Our FIOS Internet in Fort Wayne IN had some more perks too. I found out we could upload things faster.

For normal Internet use it might not be a big deal. However, those big files I downloaded for work had to be uploaded again to the servers at work. Typically residential upload speeds are slow so you do not set up any home computers as file servers. They do not want you running a business or peer-to-peer network over their service. For the files I had when it came time to upload, I did it overnight while everyone was sleeping. It took a lot longer to upload them than it did to download them. The fiber optic service came with much faster upload speeds.

Now I can finish my work without walking away from the computer. I get done and can shut things down. I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to make sure my files uploaded back to work. The movies stream better and the game play over the Internet with the game consoles is a lot more fun without the lag we used to experience with the old Internet service. I don’t have to ask anyone to stop using the Internet while I work either. It is a whole lot nicer and more fun to use now.