We’re Looking for Several Discounted Things This Year

After all the money I have blown through the last few years, I promised my husband that I would do better. We do need most of the things that we purchase, but I just have to make sure that I do my best to not get the majority of the things I buy if there’s no sale on them at the time. He says that we are going to comb through the Cyber Monday 2015 deals and offers to see what purchases we can make all at once when the offers are going on.

Being someone who rarely paid attention to sales in the past, I have been excited to hear about which different products will be available this year. I have done all that I can to stay within budget all throughout the year, and go without a couple of things I would like to have. So, I really hope that stores put big discounts on them so that I get them when the event happens. If not, my husband says that we will not be getting them this year.

I just learned that my favorite clothes store will be giving big discounts. I think I will be getting most of my clothes there. I need some winter items, including a heavy coat because it snows here. I also need some pajamas. I like this particular store because for every $40 that you spend on their merchandise, they give you $8 back in coupons to spend on other things.

Like most men, my husband really wants a big screen TV. He has actually wanted one for a few years, but has been putting it off to save money. Our current TV is on its last legs, so it is time to do something about it. He has his eye on one that is 50″ wide, and when it goes on sale, it will be less than the cost of a 36″ TV.