Helping Mom with Her Weight Loss Goals

My mom was forever going on diets. I lost count and even stopped rolling my eyes when she would talk about a new diet to lose weight. Then she started on this shake diet. No, not one that physically shakes her but one where she drinks shakes for a meal. Then she started to drop the pounds pretty fast. I was as encouraged as her, but she said she might stop it unless she could get a discount. I started looking for the best Ideal Shape coupon I could find for her to keep going with it.

After all, this is the first diet for her that is actually working. I was impressed at her resolve in sticking with it. I never had any thought at all that she would be losing weight on this diet. There are so many things in the cupboards of her house that are failed attempts at dieting. Some of them have never even been opened. This one, however, clicked with her and is working very well.

She has lost 25 of the 55 pounds she wanted to lose. That is significant! That is almost half in a very short amount of time. I think the most she ever lost on those other diets before giving in was just shy of 10 pounds. Going over double that amount in weight loss proves to me that this is a diet that is working for her.

Finding the best Ideal Shape coupon codes online was no big deal. There are lots of discounts offered on the various products. I just needed to know what she was ordering on a regular basis so I could get the right coupon code for her next order. After I found out what she is ordering and how much, I bought her a month’s supply as a gift. I will help her reach this goal.