18 thoughts on “50 Cent – Hustler’s Ambition [uncensored]

  1. It's 2017 & I'm Still Bumpin "Get Rich Or Die Trying". This Nigga 50 Inspired A lot Of Real Niggas In My Generation.

  2. iight feel this
    i got it
    blowin' o's you know those chose rollin' high doe tragic around the hip gin sip juice fell on my caboose duce i will kill i am a legend as i mentioned rentin' suite after suite i sip the boose duece i will not loose loose haha i am so tight i will go on fire with my kite right i write tonight see yeah at the fight i light i like the dyke like mike fight let's bounce to our ounce around and rpound i hit the ground like thor fuck the whore i am gore galore four.

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