19 thoughts on “8 Frightening Unexpected Animal Attacks

  1. Wild Animals are Wild for a reason, I 'm sorry I don't feel much sympathy if you are around them and you get attacked.

  2. Normal domesticated pets don't attack for no reason but if you want to bring what is meant to be a complete ferile animal into the home as a pet that's opening yourself up for possible untold problems and with dolphins they are some of the nicest and careing mammals and never have I heard of one attacking anyone but when in season that's understandable as females in general when menstruating have a hormone imbalance causing moodswingd etc, I personally blame humans over animals.

  3. yes in fact, I HAVE been attacked by an animal. When I was six, the family dog attacked me when I got a bit to close to its face. We had recently gotten a cat and I had a buddy over so he was probably under a lot of stress. Thankfully he just missed my eye and it wasn't really that bad. I still have the scarring but it healed up in like 6 months. I do not blame the pupper and wish he could have had a second chance.

  4. I had a neighbors dog bite my ear when I was five. Ripped it nearly in half. It took surgery and several months to heal

  5. Excellent reporting. Don't mess with animals!! No human should ever live in fear when going camping, hiking, swimming, biking, kayaking or just relaxing at home. Snakes are the most dangerous and deceptive. Extermination of all poisonous snakes is a must.

  6. That part of YouTube where every thumbnail is click bait, usually with a red arrow or circle somewhere in it

  7. I have been attacked by an animal before. It was 1997, back then the streets of south Detroit would be as dangerous as they are today. I was getting in my car after working a shift as a waiter in a restaurant that was in one of the shady parts of the city. Cold, shaking, and scared I fled to my car just to see the thing that still haunts me to this day..

    "Ayo white boi where you goin? Ain't you interested in buyin' some quality merch? I promise you it'll be worth your while"

    "I'm just trying to get to my car, please move away"

    I then felt a hit on the back of my head with what I believe was a crowbar. It turned out that the selling drugs act was just a distraction to rob me. They took my wallet, my jacket, hell they even took my shoes and my to-go steak sandwich. They didn't take my car keys because while they were taking my shoes off someone hurried to help me. I got on my car and realized that the stereo was gone. Fucking niggers they are like animals man I'm telling you.

  8. Don't Drink the water-Don't eat the street food at Mexico,Dude…everyone knows that street food is unhealthly, No matter what country….dummas

  9. What I don't understand is why if a person is going take pictures hang out with these wild beast why aren't they more prepared for an attack like put the animal to sleep at the minute of attack how come not a cane to try to stop a bear I just don't get it .

  10. This is why only Bees and indoctrinated (or animals that can be indoctrinated such as Foxes but that hasn't been completed yet) should be the only ones worth a damn.

    I'd give a shit about a single colony of bees or a German Shepherd than an entire bunch of chimpanzees or pride of lions.

  11. Go to Mexico but don't eat the street food? What's the point then? Mexican street food is probably the most delicious one in the world.

  12. I had a very small Chinese garde dog rip apart my lower face when I was 10years old, it took 7 surgerys to fix it and a very big dentistry bill to fix my teeth. this only happened because the pound lied about the dog and its history.

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