17 thoughts on “9/11: 16 Years Later, The Lies Continue

  1. The people who built the Twin Towers are all probably dead by now. Minoru Yamasaki is the guy who was the main architect of the Twin Towers has been dead for more than 30 years. So you can't bring up charges on people who are dead. There is one surviving tower that is anywhere near the size of a Twin Tower and it is half the scale. It is the BOK Tower in Tulsa, Oklahoma and was built in relation to the Twin Towers. It looks nearly similar but half. It is 52 stories 667 feet tall and was built also by Minoru Yamasaki and Associates 3 years later. I highly doubt that if an extreme fire broke out in the BOK Tower over a very significant period of time it would collapse into its own footprint. http://www.waymarking.com/gallery/image.aspx?f=1&guid=b34f00cf-55f3-4292-a6a9-8c279def9444

  2. I used to be a full 100% pro Israel ,I truly believed the"chosen people" myth I would fight to defend Israel and jews, I wept watching Schindlers List, I would make my kids read Ann Franks Diary, I would play Fiddler on the Roof on Thanks Giving…Then 911 happened I bgean reading the French investigative reporters, teh Germans, the Pakistani Intelligence reporrts,, the pictures, the testimony from the first responders, the Building 7, the Larry Silverstein scheme, teh Rbeka Roth explosive research,….I was disulluisoned, depress, but I haveto face the truth…911 was a Ziionist Israeli MOSSAD operation…Finally teh world made sense the FED . national debt, the Neoconswars, the Banking bail out, ALL the major perpetrators a pattern was evident… JEWS…they raped America and the world …I lost my innocense,my stupidity…JEWS did it…everything else are jewish LIES.

  3. They are going to have to create another false flag event in order to take pressure off all of the truths that are starting to come out.

  4. Why the hell is Sessions less concerned about pursuing real criminals like Obama, Lynch and Hillary than he is pursuing pot smokers?

  5. Pardon Snowden. Pardon Snowden. Pardon Snowden. Pardon Snowden. Pardon Snowden. Pardon Snowden. Prosecute Clapper. Prosecute Bush. Prosecute Cheney. Prosecute Obama. Prosecute Lynch. Prosecute Hillary. Prosecute and sentence these criminals whose lies cost the lives of thousands of Americans.

  6. don't know what I don't know, but I can make inferences. Indict Hillary and her boy-toy Baroke-back Obama and company. Where is The RICO ACT ??? MAGA as promised before it's too late for you POTUS Trump

  7. There's a big logical fallacy when you say that you can't trust the long term climate because they can't predict the direction of a storm over a few hours. Certain things are very hard to find patterns in at a low level but the big picture pattern is easier to determine. Stock market is a great example of this. There's a lot of random movement when you look at the minute charts and individual ticks, but you can look at the overall trend and other factors to make a more certain prediction of stock prices over a longer time period like a week or a month.

  8. I just watched msnbc for the first time in years, besides tube clips. It's very disturbing. I could stomach 2 minutes. We may be approaching another bottleneck. In fact, I'm sure we are.

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