11 thoughts on “Abrupt Climate Mayhem Now, in Spite of Main-Stream-Climatologist Posturing

  1. The Doomsayers do not hold any answers only much wailing and gnashing of teeth. However, science is always busy and we must hope that the needed breakthroughs are achieved before the climate damage is too great (+3deg to +5deg?). A promising study has been revealed which uses low energy consuming methods to convert CO2 & CH4 into liquid fuels. If it sounds too good to be true then have a look and see what you think about https://m.phys.org/news/2017-10-breakthrough-co2-ch4-liquid-fuels.html

  2. Thanks for the efforts. I tried, back in the seventies and eighties (Evidently as per attached poem. However, I have no recall.).
    Prophetic.   Ghost grey,  
    Industrial pall.   Suspended,  
    Screening our greed,   Hiding our gall.  
    Deflecting our view   Of a dust laden extinction.  
    Answering our follies,   Our demands of MORE!! 
    D.J.L. Meanderings  Spring/85

    When do we tell the Children? What do we tell them? For those who might be interested: PublicGoodByes.com

  3. Prepare for extreme cold, floods and skyrocketing food prices as crops fail.

    Connecting a few dots on the Spaceweather website leads to 3 easy predictions.

    1) Cosmic particles entering the Atmosphere are up 13% in Cali and 19% on the East coast over 2 years. This will be a long term trend as Earth’s magnetic field continues it’s parabolic decline, currently dropping 5% annually.
    – Increased cosmic radiation particles cause increased cloud formation, and that means 2 things: Increasing precipitation while more and more sunlight is reflected away. Record snow, record rain and record cold describe 2017, and it get’s worse after that.

    2) Next look at the “spotless days” trend(no sunspots). Anemic Solar cycle 24 started with 260 spotless days in 2009, and it is fizzling out fast and early. We are on track for 95 to 100+ spotless days for 2017, and 260 to 300+ in 2018. 2019 is the 11th and last year of Cycle 24. In 2019-2020 sunspot/solar activity will drop into uncharted territory.

    3) Low solar activity correlates inversely with volcanism and earthquakes. Volcanic particulate also creates clouds. That means even faster escalation of our planet’s cloud cover, and the associated cold and precipitation.

    Don't fall for the global-warming / CO2 hoax.

    Peace from Canada

  4. Climate models indicate that the permafrost will continue to increase carbon emissions for the next 100 years. Today, it is estimated by measurement that the permafrost is emitting as much Carbon as the entire US economy. The permafrost has twice the amount of carbon as the atmosphere, so it can add up to 800 ppm to the atmosphere. The models indicate the emissions from the permafrost could be as large as the entire world human emissions.
    This means that it is not sufficient to simply use renewable energy. We must install CO2 sucking machines, capable of removing as much emissions from the atmosphere as the entire world emissions, just to counter the permafrost emissions.

  5. "regions of arable land will shift" Here's what's wrong with that statement: Soil. Soil can't shift. The kind of soil which can grow large amounts of food, is not found everywhere. In fact, it is a very small percentage of our Earth's surface. The denier campaign tries to imply that the world will just have to buy food from places further north, but it took glaciation to create the soils we have in, for example, the midwestern U.S. "the breadbasket" areas. Anthropogenic Global Warming is destroying the ability to grow food in the places which have the best soil for growing food.

  6. Rainstorms over the Greenland ice sheet and over Antarctica will be a game changer so far as sea level rise is concerned. IPCC are assuming that climate change will occur in a nice, regular, orderly and linear way, but that just isn't going to be how it's going to play out.

  7. if you look at the tornato's in usa midwest, they get the same storm everyday, over and over. it is really weird

  8. This is NOT the time for half measures. Anyone thinking that we have any time left to address this issue are fooling themselves.

  9. We can collectively address issues that will move us in the right direction. Energy production, food waste, distribution technologies, reconstitution and use of waste ect… IEO buys solar technology to help the elderly and the impoverished with discount utility. Does not fix everything but at least it is action for change. We need your help one home at a time we make a difference in individual lives and our world.

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