16 thoughts on “Abrupt Dire Climate Change – Faster then Expected * Presentation by Prof. Guy McPherson * In MO 2017

  1. "The Jason Group at the Pentagon…" predicted the earth would lose its atmosphere "…in 2054." Isaac Newton's more arcane calculations gave an end-of-world in 2050. An MIT global economy simulation in the 1980s showed, despite insistent tweaking of the input data, a worldwide collapse of human population between 2050 and 2060….

  2. We live like we will never die, we die having never really lived…This seems to me to be the typical human condition.

  3. A truly informative talk. One thing I must point out, if most people realized the truth of our future, they would surely go mad. The few like Guy would accept and live in the moment and make peace. But not the majority, it seems to me a great portion of humanity can't seem to get their emotions under control and use their brains. Just be happy with the life you have had, accepting the good with the bad. And of course live in the moment and be grateful….for the people in your life that make you smile. It's relationships not power or money that is important. Because that power and money isn't going to save you.

  4. "let me be clear on something" – "Am a teacher "- "its not what i do ".."its who i am" – Dr Guy McPherson. BRAVO!

  5. It is on all of us to fix it (no single person can do so), however, I doubt it is fixable at this point, especially with the fossil fuel industry running our government and using our politicians as deception and PR experts to mislead the public. The good news is we have now to enjoy life. I plan on enjoying all of the amazing life forms around me, birds, trees, flowers, even bugs to some extent…lol. And lets not forget about loved ones! Do what little you can, voting and such, but I wouldn't get my hopes up at this point, our world is likely nearly out of time. Don't waste time and misery on worrying though, just live each day with love and gratitude for every precious moment. Let go of hatred for the fools who got us into this mess with their insatiable greed and stupidity. It's a waste of time now and does no good for you.

  6. The 50 Gt methane release was the topic of the 2010 sci-fi movie Icequake where this scenario was threatening to wipe out virtually all of humanity almost instantly. In the movie, they found a way to burn the methane off with a massive oil explosion. But in real life, we can forget about doing anything like this. Also, a global rise of 4 degrees C by 2021 will mean the dew point in many places will exceed 95 degrees F. The human body cannot survive dew points above 95. This will cause massive deaths right there. And then add accelerated habitat destruction and explosive global climate chaos and breakdown, we have a good chance of going completely extinct well before 2026.

  7. Our extinction is a good news for the universe safety so i hope some advanced civilizations will celebrate it!

  8. It is all about food, not enough food means riots in the streets and absolute chaos, law of the jungle.

  9. Oh wow, he wasn't kidding about canned air being sold in China. That really puts into perspective just how absurd monetizing the necessities of life is. Sickening, actually. What an insane, backwards world we live in.

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