17 thoughts on “actually neck & neck | Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Versus Royale – 23

  1. This is my favorite episode so far. The bit where Patterrz was "making progress" and mo was getting triggered had me on the floor.

  2. To mix things up a little, don't do anything like disqualify Luke for using his Charizard but instead give Mo and Patterrz the ability to revive a pokemon out of their PC to make things fair.

  3. I don't usually comment but thanks mo this was uploaded on my birthday which makes it extra special I'm busy a lot wish I could catch the streams thanks man.

  4. Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken!
    No one has gotten a Fuego Ironworks, Route 220 or Route 221 encounter
    Luke developed from typical Middle School Male to Nerco God
    Mo and Patterrz will drop a diss track on each other Feburary 29th 2018, stay tuned
    Grinding is a controversial Subject
    Demonetization Count:
    This Episode: 118 (Total: 1849)

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