12 thoughts on “Alcohol in Perfumes and Haircare products. Is it Permissible?

  1. I had roll on Nivea for men and it had alcohol in it,when I found out that it is prohibited I threw all of it in garbage,but I have small problem,I buy things in store near me and they mix alcohol in every salad,almost every,and it is permissible to use vinegar from alcohol if it created itself naturaly,when time passes becomes vinegar,but how will I know if vinegar from alcohol became naturaly by itself,I am in dilema man

  2. madkent99 it's funny how you only hear about priests being jailed for paedophilia around the world 99% of high ranking religious mens that are jailed for paedophilia ARE PRIESTS LMAO..

  3. This alcohol situation bothers me greatly.  Arabic is my mother tongue and  I understand my Qur'an in Arabic, aLhamdullilah.  Except of course the big words that need a scholarly tafsir.  But this alcohol thing, Allah swt tells us not to drink it or consume it, there is nothing about not using it for any other reasons..  People use alcohol for everything, like rubbing your  wrists for arthritis t cleaning a wound or just even using gel.  The point here is t not get ntoxicated by it not.  Wallahu a3lam.  The female stuff I agree for them not to wear it, especially the exotic fruity stuff, but like my wife said, if women can't wear it so should men, because a man may also attract female attention with a sexy perfume. Therefore I think most  alcoholic perfumes should be left out by both parties and try to use ittr pure oil scents, real stuff not the cheap stinky ones, pure musks and bakhoor and all these would give a spiritual smell without attracting the wrong attention.  Other than that  I'm fine using alcohol.  I use it on my face after i shave.  Nothing helps me more than some straight rubbing alcohol. Ps I do have a beard but I clean.

  4. He didn't answer the question…he just touched on adornment and usage, not the alcohol part…

  5. Yes mr rohnaslam there is many things allowed in islam if u want to know kindly read about it dnt ask silly questions I hope u will rply soon

  6. @trachdog2 alhamdulilah:) maybe Allah will put between your hearts and those between whom there was emnity, affection, and Allah is all powerful. peace

  7. @trachdog2 First, these are the laws given by the last Prophet (saw). We hear them and obey the commands of God and the last Prophet. (saw). Not understanding that there is only One God without partners or sons and that Muhammad (saw) is God's last messenger, then all the laws of God including perfume in public will seem strange and hard to follow. There is a wisdom behind all things. I could not understand the wisdom of 5x prayer. I still did it and now I tasted the wisdom behind it T

  8. @AnasAlex10 Hot country like yours women should use unscented antiperspirant/deodorant. That is not masking because she has to perform their 5 daily prayers which requires you to be free from impurity (using bathroom, or intercourse) by performing a bath or istinja.

  9. @trachdog2 There is something called Ghusl (bath) in Islam, istinja, wuduu before you pray your 5 DAILY prayers. The Prophet (saw) said "half of faith is purity." The women are not supposed to use PERFUME IN PUBLIC as to not attract and arose men. It is the fault of men but women should help men to lower their gaze and desires as much as possible. Women can use unscented deodorant as well. I don't know if you are Muslim but have you read Surah Imran verse 14?

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