16 thoughts on “Alex Jones Leaks Megyn Kelly Tape And Now He’s Threatening To Post The Full Interview | TIME

  1. There are no Sandy Hook victims.  They didn't file a lawsuit after the shooting why would they file one now.

  2. What ever happened with the memorial list of names of victims from Sandy Hook that was published online the day BEFORE the shooting occurred??? There's a carpet around here somewhere with a big mess of stories that have been swept under it.

  3. Threats of truth scare the left the most.
    The US people are catching onto your BS fast!

    You are already dead but if you want to be remembered in a favorable light than you better quit with the fake news and constant omissions of facts.
    New media has already given you the death blow, you simply have yet to bleed out.
    You did this to yourselves and I love watching you all die!

  4. Alex Jones once again has owned the MSM and neo-liberal losers. First we won the election, now MSM is dying and we grow stronger. Time's itself has a very left wing bias and look at this video… 9k views after 14 hours? Pathetic XD! Also Sandy Hook was indeed fishy there was 2 shooters I know someone who was a cop there, but I can disclose more he said there was indeed 2 shooters, but they covered it up. Not saying kids didn't die, but there is sketchy shit going on. Never stop questioning shit just because people die.

  5. It's a shame Alex had to secretly record their interactions but in hind sight it was a right move.
    When you go back on your word so quickly displaying a false sense of dupers delight during gotcha questions you show exactly what your all about.
    She's toxic and Alex knew he'd need an antidote.

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