19 thoughts on “Amtrak Announces Next-Generation of High-Speed Rail

  1. Jesus Christ, finally! How to route it, though? Maybe it could use most of the current stops (save for Baltimore Penn (it's replaced by Camden Yards), Stamford and Bridgeport) on one branch, and the other heads to Boston via Hartford?

  2. I remember when the Acela was designed by Bombardier and Amtrak gave them unrealistic time periods to build a train which can't operate to its near potential on the antique tracks we have and they had wheel failures the tracks were so bad really this country is out of control with spending money on things that they cannot make work .
    other industrialized countries have had trains for many decades which achieves high speeds are efficient reliable and affordable that will never be the case in the United States because it's all about Flash and making money

  3. oh please Amtrak is a massive failure the Acela train is a massive failure it only runs slightly faster for a couple miles than a diesel locomotive waste more money they'll spend Millions on naming it isn't that cute. try building infrastructure which can utilize a high-speed train in the United States that's the first step duh.

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