9 thoughts on “Andy Makes The Parking Meters Explode | Season 1 Ep. 3 | THE GIFTED

  1. I'm actually starting to be worried about Andy. If they make him bad, I'm out! Even Magneto is making my heart broken, so if Andy…Let that boy to be a boy, don't destroy him, don't make him sick!

  2. Andy's gonna turn into some antihero character at some point in the series. Which is okay with me, I like antihero characters, they're much better to watch and follow just because they're much more flawed than normal regular heroes who spout nothing but "for justice! For love! For my friends!" and the likes.

  3. I kind of want Andy to turn into a villain. Maybe at the end of the season he runs into some mutants from the Brotherhood and gets convinced to join them.

  4. Why is it on EVERY dramatic, action type show there Always some douchebag that never listens, does as they are told or asked and does what they want even after the consequences are explained the still do what they want. It almost always ends with someone getting hurt or killed yet that person never gets hurt or killed and the end up being on the series for it's entire run doing the same shit, on this show its Andy Strucker, Is this the standard guideline for writing these types of shows? Here we are on the third episode and every time he's in a scene I want to change the channel because the writers insist on having these ANNOYING characters. Its a real shame they ruin a great or potential great show with annoying characters or the never ending of beating a dead horse for years on end, case in point The Big Bang Theory's Leonard and Raj, Leonard's pathetic and constant begging and whining to win Penny and even after marrying her he's still a pathetic whining pussy. Then there's Raj and his homosexuality even though he denies it, its just a matter of time before he's on his knees sucking Howard or Stuart, I dread every time Raj is in a scene neither of them have any manhood whatsoever. When this show ends I hope they have where it's just Sheldon, Amy, Howard and Bernadette, they are the REAL STARS of that show and everyone else is just there to support them, even Penny.

  5. I love Andy’s powers. The producers had trouble explaining it for some reason buts it obvious uncontrolled Telekinesis. When you use telekinesis, your basically using invisible energy to make things move. Andy is just throwing that shit around without any control and that’s why it’s so destructive. Lauren can simulate TK by hardening air molecules and creating shields and barriers.

  6. I think Andy will eventually join the Brotherhood; assuming they still exist, or a Brotherhood like organization. You can see how jaded he's already becoming.

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