1. you have outdone yourself again, we have progressed so far into the game thanks to your tutorials thankyou so much!

  2. Maybe it's time to device another Wyvern trap for Ragnarok? I have the idea of using kind of a disposable Pteranodon to steal an egg, escape as well as I can to the sea, get on my parked Megalodon and swim down with scuba gear and wait for the aggro to go away.

    Anyone have some thoughts about this? It's lighter on resources than the Scorched Earth trap by Nooblets because of the sea. I think this could work.

  3. as much as I am all for overkill, but this is a little to much for me. I really love the cage but having three different pins just to trap Dino's seems a tad too much for me. I'll agree that you said this isn't supposed to be the easiest taming pen ever but it's kinda a little bit end game now don't you think with the new perk distribution? for solo taming I can see this working exceptionally well but still. regardless of what I think, this is an amazing pen!

  4. the only epic in ark these days is something that is as cheap and still strong as possible and gaps u have is huge fail for pvp as ppl will kill what u taming its better to have windows or doors to shoot from then huge gaps forever ppl can kill ur tames from even in pve its bad as some ppl still will want to by assholes i usaly like ur builds becouse even tho they are more expensive and less strong then they could by u atleast add something that gives a good idea to better build but this is just expensive garbage cage

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