9 thoughts on “Backyard Flood Needs French Drain, DIY for Homeowners

  1. You can mitigate loss of fall from a pop-up emitter by replacing the elbow with a sanitary tee and digging a small dry well below it. This also gives a spot for debris to collect and be easily cleaned out by hand.

  2. It would NOT be ok to send water out to the sidewalk where I'm from. Strange place to discharge if you ask me, especially if people actually use the sidewalk.

  3. Omg, what an absolute nightmare having to work around all of the utilities, cables and such. I would have cut everything up.

  4. Are there any discharge options other than going to side walk/street? I don't feel like digging up concrete to run a drain for down spout off the 20×20 barn out back.

  5. @appledrains if you install your own drainage pipes do you need a permit? I'm a homeowner and I want to do it myself.

  6. I think a concern with this job would be that the cable tv company or AT&T is going to cut that corrugated pipe when/if they have to bury a new drop wire to either of those homes. Do you think a rigid pipe might be better in this case?

  7. my back yard is like a swamp! its soo much water and mud! i dont know where to place the drains though.

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