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  1. I just got back from disneyworld on Wednesday and I was seriously obsessed with basin. I got a bunch of bathbombs, a shampoo and conditioner bar, natural deodorant, and a soap with mickeys in them. I'm already addicted lol.

  2. I recently started watching your videos and i love all of them!!!! This one in particular made me giggle because i see a lot of myself in you most of the time but even more in this video because you have your makeup done the exact way i do mine every day! And your eyes look green in this one! i thought they were blue in the other ones! Mine are straight up green, just how your looks in this vid. our personalities are similar, and i think we could be friends! lol

    I'm going to disney world in June for my honey moon and i love watching your alls videos! I told my fiancé that we needed to vlog our trip too! He said yes! (we have been talking about doing youtube for years!) so hopefully we get around to doing that! we have really good cameras for that but we will need some extra batteries and SD cards. is amazon a good place to get extra batteries?

    we already have almost every single meal planned for our trip since we are going during peek season AND the week of the Scentsy incentive trip, so it will be extra crowded! (i tried to earn the free trip but i missed it by much less than i expected! Im happy to get to go in the same week as them so it will feel like a Scentsy/honeymoon trip!) Anyway, i wanted to know if you had tried the BBQ slaw dog at Casey's? It sounds amazing!

    I too am obsessed with makeup! you can see my little collection on instagram if you look me up! pinkpineapp1e

    Love your videos! Hauls, vlogs, Q&As, chit chats, whatever! Keep it up!

    Good luck with your new Etsy shop! I want to check it out soon!

  3. Thanks for your video! You are just like me; I thought the hand scrub was great, but pricey so I didn't purchase. However, planning to buy during Spring Break. Loved the lip scrub and moisturizer, but wondering how your shampoo bar worked?

  4. Thank you SO MUCH for doing a video haul just on Basin!! My last trip was when I discovered Basin and I only bought 2 things, one container of the bath salts and one soap bar (for my daughter) and I totally fell in love with just those 2 things! I have been so excited to go back to Disney just to go shopping at Basin!! haha I'm so glad you did a haul because I don't know that I would have even thought to try any of the products you purchased and now I'm even more excited to go shopping there so I can get a few more things that you showed here!!! I always enjoy your hauls anyway because you just have the most bubbly personality and you make it fun to watch and get excited to purchase new things! So Yay for your hauls and Yay for Basin!! 🙂

  5. I love this store! I didn't know of its existence until I was in Arribas Brothers and the scent coming out of the store made me go in. I only bought a solid perfume because I had already shipped things home but I'll definitely be picking things up when I return!

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