19 thoughts on “Bloodborne Boss Guide: Rom, the Vacuous Spider

  1. can someone help me with this fight please i need a lot of help i literally try to do this fight like almost an hour please help me 🙁 im sad

  2. Finally beat him after like 5 hours 1) upgrade mace multiple times 2) kill all spiders (they respawned 3x for me 3) when kill individual spiders keep camera angle in front of rom..very important so u can see his attacks

  3. Beat him on my third try, due to unexpected moves, but here are some tips I can give, it is much easier with these tips, the thing is to always keep running along circles at him, when you find a breach, go there and give your blow, to dodge the crystals what you need to do is, as soon as you see him shaking his head upwards, start running, he'll miss all of it

  4. For anyone struggling with dodging the crystals, know that you only need to run from it, im sure it'll work

  5. this boss is a pain in my ass. I tried to kill him with an old hunter but I still lose. worst part is he is immune to fire and lighting.

  6. For the crystal meteors, run TOWARDS Rom. Sorry that I'm late, but I just saved you a lot of heartbreak.

  7. Rushing him is wrong at least for me kill the spiders as safe as possible once all of them dead he is just a punching bag.

  8. She took me like 7, 8 tries, and scrolling down the comments I have to agree with the people saying that she is easy. She is. The reason why it seemed so tough to me was that I tried to rush her, instead killing the spiders (just like the comments say). She hermself only killed me once or twice (because of one shot meteor kills), its the spiders what makes him hard. Once you get rid of them, she is easy to kill, but if you don't, you depend on luck

  9. I clear the spiders first. I'm good up until he starts thrashing and then he kills me. What's bad is that seems like it should be his easiest attack to avoid yet he always gets me.i had him down to the point where this guy died then he smacked me. I've tried a good thirty times and with different weapons and just can't seem to get there.

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