11 thoughts on “Bloodborne, How to easily beat Rom, the Vacuous Spider (no cheats, Cheaps, or glitches)

  1. Omfg!!! This worked!!! Thank you Soo much!!! Omgomg I'm so excited lmao. It took me like 15 tries and then I saw this video thank you!

  2. so I should take max blood vials ….. good tip.
    Ill do that from now on. Taking just 5 seemed like such a solid strat though, ill try this 'taking as many as i can' thing, and see how it goes.
    This is a video of a pure luck win. You could have been one shotted at so many points, its sheer luck that you werent, so its not really much of a technique when you are relying purely on luck.
    . I think that is most peoples problem with this tutorial….lol. You said yourself this was your 32nd attempt…. and you thought it was a good strategy ?
    okay then.

  3. This boss is just abusing me!

    I got through all the other bosses on my first or second attempt, apart from Father Gasgcoine(??)

    On my next attempt I'm going in with +6 tonitrus, +6 cannon, enough bullets for two shots and some bone marrow ash.

  4. I kept trying to burn him alive and stop him from teleporting as well as kill it with the Tonitrus.

    Neither are working and I HATE those little spiders. Unless it's the tonitrus they don't die quick even against my axe. While if I use the Tonitrus, I don't always have enough reach to kill multiple.

    I don't even like using guns in this game and that's mostly because I was bad at parrying in all three souls game(and I only managed to finish the Third)

  5. if you can summon Damian Scholar of Mensis just before entering the Lunarium this fight becomes really easy (he is available if you have the DLC). Take care of the spiders first then go all out on Rom. Make sure you deal bolt damage with Tonitrus or a weapon with Bolt Paper.

  6. this boss is easy. all you have to to do is hit the little ones from the back. they die on 2-3 hits depending on your weapon/stats. once they all die, just focus on the big one. then just keep doing again when he teleports away to another location

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