17 thoughts on “Bloodborne Rom The Vacuous Spider Boss Fight

  1. i only beat him by killing all spiders, around rom whenenever they spawn. really hard work. in the end i killed him when all my vials were depleted to zero. i was screaming when the fight was over! bloodborne is the best game on the PS4!

  2. Avoid the face, its made out of stone..Always look up at the sky after you drop a few slashes on Rom that's normally when it gets pissed off!!!

  3. my goodness, this thing post-patch is fucking unbelievable. His homing meteors zaps nearly half your health every time. That crap never fails to slam your ass at least twice.

  4. It's like a fuzzy twinkie was crossed with a fat centipede. It's so ugly, yet cute at the same time. I want one, minus the spider minions, those fuckers can burn in hell.

  5. this boss was difficult for me until I decided to ignore the minion spiders, they end up doing more damage than its worth to dispose of them. they are fairly slow moving so i just sprint in and out of the main boss.

    Sprint in, one charge attack to the side, maybe a follow up R1, then get out QUICK, minions will close in if you don't stay mobile.

  6. Can anyone please help me with the spider boss right now? I have tried (and failed) about 30 time by now. 


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