11 thoughts on “Bloodborne – Rom, the Vacuous Spider – Easy Kill

  1. video is good and all but won't do any help for first time players that usually looks for "how to vid."

  2. I didn't see in the comments what is your build in this vid? cause I'm not doing nearly that much damage with the same weapon lol

  3. I got the mace upgraded it twice..its not taking off shit on boss..I guessing your strength is very high or you ugraded it at least 4-5 times

  4. Fuck this thing! I managed to kill all the bosses before her with 2 tries at max but this thing just keep killing me!

  5. I killed him even quicker than this 3rd try. I summoned the mage just outside before the fight. Straight away used a Bolt paper on Ludwig's holy blade, and then hit each small spider twice from behind to eliminate them all. This was very easy with an ally, as they were often facing the other way. As soon as the last one was killed, i popped another bolt paper and ran straight to the side/back of Rom, i then just spammed R1 and kept hitting him, moving around to keep my attacks away from his face, and in one extended, broken combo i got him from 100% to 0% as my constant attacks and placement at his side prevented him from teleportation. Rom did not teleport, nor cast a single arcane attack, or do any damage at all. I couldn't believe my luck. Would love to hear if this worked for others!

  6. Thank you so much I spent like one week trying to win against that fucking spider and thank to your guide today I won!!! Among other things I already had the tornitus but never used

  7. On NG+ and onwards this strategy won't work in my opinion (not that I'm trying to be argumentative – I think Superlosia's videos are fantastic and of great help and it's obvious these are meant for new players who are struggling, to whom it has clearly been useful) because Rom will simply do far too much damage. Much like Micolash you can't take the risk of trying to tank the magic on NG+. In this case, you have to do the opposite and muster all the patience you can to take out all the spiders one at a time so that you don't have to keep eyes on them anymore. Unless, of course, you can guarantee that you can do this strategy in the video without getting hit by any attacks!

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