19 thoughts on “Bloodborne Soundtrack OST – Rom, The Vacuous Spider

  1. how to beat this boss
    phase 1
    1. kill the spider minions ( everything except the head is a weak point)
    2. wail on his side
    phase 2
    1. kills spider minions
    2. be wary of his attacks, he attack on this phase forwards.
    3. hit his side
    phase 3
    1. he now has ranged meteor attacks, if he looks up, dodge to the side.
    2 kill minions
    3. if you are too close he'll do a large blast sometimes. deals a lot of damage
    4.if he rolls onto his back he's doing an eruption attack.
    5. hit his sides.

  2. Arcane Lake helps survive Rom's attacks at least somewhat.
    But goddamn those spiders with their absurdly powerful attacks.

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