1. I am so agravated by this video, I just want to slap the piss out of this imbicile treating this woman.

  2. I really hope she was given antibiotics for this at some point. Poor thing, that's horribly infected…

  3. I had 1 but on my back right in the crease so when I bent back it hurt or played down the hurt bad

  4. That kid had to be running a fever with all that infection! She needed professional people working on that!

  5. God, you have to be clear what you are going to do to the boil, disinfect and make a quick incision, it will hurt less because it will drain quickly

  6. Makes no sense without a cut to open it up and why from the sides instead of dead center. Pull aprt intead of pushing in gets beter results with far less trama to surrounding skin

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