16 thoughts on “Brand New – Waste

  1. I'm 29, and recall hearing people talk about Brand New in HS, listening to their record. This band has been strong and unique for a long time, that is really rare in the music industry. Not to mention they saved a lot of at risk kids with their lyrics. Thank you for being real guys

  2. Yeah, im pretty happy everybody finally realized this is an EMO song and stopped arguing about it. One of the best emo songs ever written.

  3. I've loved brAnd New since I was in middle school. I was introduced to you by my big bro. We used to play your songs through the guitar. It made us closer. Love yoh guys please don't ever stop.

  4. I heard this song right after I found out one of my best friends just overdosed and died on opiates. We both got out of rehab 2 weeks ago and this song hits home

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