18 thoughts on “Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory: Episode 2 – Sourcing White Oak Lumber

  1. from an east coast Canadian logger,that was a great video.I hopeto someday have that type of sawing knowledge.I own a few hundred acres and I just got a new portable sawmill. just trying to get to know the different cuts.great info.

  2. Love your true style of video keep them coming, don't get to Hollywood on us. That first videos intro concerned me. You tubers with with crapy content need big flashy intros you were the opposite.

  3. How I wish your shop was near when I lived. I love boats and wish I could someday build one. Is your boat shop in New England?

  4. Hi Louis from Houston. Thanks to how Youtube is different from TV, we get to see you being yourself over much longer periods of time. With highly edited TV, with commercials every 6 minutes, you would be much more "packaged" & distant. But here in Youfube world, we hear & see your passion , witnessing your joy from work before our eyes. Over the entire Total Boat Skiff series, I and many Americans met you for the first time. We were blessed to see into your heart & spirit, which are so very beautiful.

    Your craftmanship is at such a high level I, as a senior business architect, see patterns in your approach that are identical to those used in Six Sigma levels of quality management, & many other world-class endeavors. Your language is so explicit & complete, you reveal more in one series than most crafstmen learn in a lifetime. I love your intimacy with the world of boats & their real-world, everyday use by folks making a living & those just enjoying being on the water. Your intimacy with your world is so broad: nature, trees, wood, coatings, adhesives, specialty tools, plastics, metal, machining, high-order media production values …I can't see where it stops.

    Your influence on your audience exceeds that of a teacher or mentor. Because of the breadth of values you demonstrate, you're closer to "America's Dad". I'm proud for you and a bit jealous of your success, in that you're living out what to many folks would be a dream. But, through your Youtube channel & website, you share your dream with the world.

    Thank you, sir.

  5. From what I can tell, the way the log was cut is different than the original plan, described earlier in the video (around 4:38). It seems the original plan called for some quarter sawn wood, but it looks like in the end it was all plain sawn. That is, if I'm not mistaken. That decision must have come out of the conversation with the sawyer, but I'm curious if you can fill in some of the details. Why did it end up being cut the way it was?

  6. How much does a log like that weigh? Just curious. It's amazing watching the equipment handle such a massive log.

  7. surprised management lets that dude at 11:00 do that without any PPE. Thanks for the awesome video man. Great seeing all that equipment in action. It's so cool that you are showing the process from the very beginning instead of just starting at the shop.

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