17 thoughts on “Chris Brown & Migos Square Off at BET Awards After-Party | TMZ

  1. when you have no content but yet need that news, literally nothing happens in the video how do you even know the actual physical altercation claim transpired?

  2. I want the 14 seconds you just wasted off my life in clicking this absolute waste of click bait news.. Absolute BULLSHIT

  3. Where did they square off? I see amigos trying to fight some guys while Chris is standing by his car. Y'all are so foul.

  4. I am going to say this one time, these artist need to remember how their bills are getting paid. There are plenty has been famous musicians out there. I am not familiar with Migos music and after seeing them in two instances ready to fight, I don't want to.

    Who you listen to reflects your inner character. Watch what you endorse and support.

  5. blacks being black lol where are the white cops with the guns to shoot these dumb gangsta rapping motherfuckers 🙂

  6. Sad part about this is Migos are fairly New to the music game, Chris Breezy as everybody calls him has been a celebrity for how long and is still dealing with hood shit!!….need to elevate your status Chris you became a celeb now you have all this beef left and right????

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