16 thoughts on “Coutinho Wants Barca Move | #LFC Daily News LIVE

  1. Coutinho always delivered high quality sniping. The only guy who can deliver shots like that is a least Emre Can…but Emre Can is as we all now not a Coutinho type. So to lose Coutinho would be a biiiiiiiiiiig loss for the whole squad. Sry for bad english. Greetings from Germany

  2. If liverpool sells cout.. redmen tv should cease all liverpool coverage.. stop supporting fenway.. stop going for games.. empty anfield this season..

  3. I hope he stays, but for the right price (especially over priced) why not, coz its hard to reject big money & big clubs.

  4. Were always on the Cusp of creating a great team, then we sell our best players. Its a joke. were never going to win anything while these owners are in charge. I honestly dont think Klopp will give us the title while these owners are here.

  5. if we cant hold coutinho move to barca… atleast… request to add a young talented barca player in a deal… sergio roberto mybe or some else better… atleast we had something then lost for nothing… we might get the money… but not many club want to sell their players to us… their rather sell it to big club for some extra money…

    plus other rivals may hijack our other target…

  6. If he has to be sold then so be it, but they've got £200 million in their pockets and we should take all of it. If we can get Sanchez then it would mitigate the sale consequences.

  7. kinda think the suarez situation might happen in coutinho will stay another season what do yas think??? im a gooner & defo know it feels when ya best go but i hope he stays. we want the best premier league poss so getting rid of all the best players just takes it away from us all

  8. Jesus I have given up on reading comment sections, fan forums etc because of the amazing majority % of complete and utter reactionary thick as mud Gobshites online. Unfortunately the only sensible people online are the content creators like Redmen, TAW, This Anfield etc, they all post sensible commentary on the issues and then below a sea of fucking purple nonsense cascades. Honestly its just too much, get a grip, enjoy the game keep your fucking online bla bla bla powder dry kids

  9. he's a footballer and a mercenary, we as fan's think that he's got the same love for LFC as we have, sadly if Barca come calling what do you do, stay with us with no guarantee of winning anything, or go to Barca and win trophies, sadly it's a no brainer

  10. As carra said last night how is milner in midfield and keeping moreno progressing? We haven't done enough compared to the big clubs, it's a joke. We can't win the league with matip and lovren in defence both injury prone and lovren needs babysat. Think this is you accepting another medicore window paul coz you to scared to criticise fsg.

  11. paul you were banging the drum on how fsg need to spend big this summer in order to compete, now your saying your more or less content with the sqaud why the change? Also the window has been terrible. Only one 1st team improvement.

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