14 thoughts on “Creating critical thinkers through media literacy: Andrea Quijada at TEDxABQED

  1. All for it! I think what she is talking about here, is thinking through these ads, examining the purpose, the major concepts on display, the underlying assumptions, the implicit and explicit ways they're expressed in those adds. These are basic, fundamental, critically-thinking questions that can actually be applied to ANY piece of reasoning, any presentation, any decision you may have to make. If the kids are jazzed about the deconstruction of commercials, that is a wonderful way to introduce the concept of critical thinking, which can be applied to ANY discipline.

  2. So many people are illiterate today and show pride more than seek understanding. So many people can read but yet are still having trouble with media literacy. So many are also unwilling to step away from fallacies and use critical thinking it seems.
    Is the human brain evolving into something that seeks little logic and creative thinking beyond conformity? I do not know.
    I do know however people lack not only media literacy often, but scientific literacy as well no matter what they label themselves.

    Cults do encourage lack of critical thought and to research individually questions it seems too. Yet many do not fully understand definition and concepts of what cults do to create such barriers to literacy and force censorship on everyone. In fact regardless of labels one may call themselves there is still that similar human psychology how people can end up in cult like thinking or lack thereof it seems.

    I can only hope in the future people will be more literate as communication, language, and definition change… as they always have since ancient days.

  3. Making a ' visual 'out of abstractions is a secret of television news, not unlike this lecture.

  4. right on !! I took the tv out our home almost two years ago & ill say, my kids & i are just about experts on seeing through those messages now

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