14 thoughts on “Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over

  1. This song goes out Sen Lindesy Grahm & Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich i dont belive in it but it algedly exist ohh mmm.mmmmm rember that guy. yess"!! Valintioes right" They wont win" This song goes out to j.r" and to Tim Man and 5400

  2. When you really sit down and listen to the lyrics instead of just listening to the song, and it's a real powerful song. I have childhood memories of this song being played by my parents. This song took me places when I was a child, and it still takes me places now. What a beautiful melody the chorus has. I am one who is a music lover and understands and appreciates music theory, and just how special music like this can be to us. Please be thankful that there are musicians out there who are able to make great music like this song and many others to put us through rough times and happy times.

  3. The Stand is such a great movie and this song was stuck in my head the whole time watching. It bugged me that much I had to come here.

  4. Anybody else around 30 and think of their parents listening to this back in the day? I do. This song is great.

  5. This song goes to j.m.f.w there un the tales but you turn over to the t.v. paige they come you know they wont win" this song goes out to Sen Lindesy Grahm ohh mmm.mmmm. only thers shadow ahead hey know world they come to bulid a wall betwween dont let them Commuinst Yellow leftist punks i counter act that silly fish shit k.k i saved you kurt the flirt tell his body gurd pauli D wasnt proctecting A man. of the last circle who said

  6. This song goes out to j.mf.w and Tom Cruise"& ohh mm.mmm the love of a mother" thers awhole on the roof" they come build avwall between us you algefly know they wint win" This song goes out toSen Lindesy Grahm and Former Speak er of the House. Newt Ginrinch i let you nana thinki was reatrdead i know were youveat baby C man" ohh mmm.mmmm baby thir doesmt algedly like Super Woman Or Wonder Woman" Are you Grumpy"

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