4 thoughts on “Cultured Vegetables Are a Gut’s Best Friend | Donna Schwenk

  1. Wait! What?!?!
    Captain cook.
    I did not hear about that at school and I am from Australia!

    That's amazing

  2. Thank you for this. I had chemo six years ago and I have been tir d depressed. Easily distracted am looking forward to learning how to make cultured vegetables. Bless you

  3. Thank you sooo much.. You helped me cure my leaky gut…7 yrs of migraines I used Ibuprofen 600mgs 2-3 times daily . That's the only thing that helped, I went to Doctor after Doctor, all of them did a lot of testing and gave me lot's and lots of medication that didn't work. My father in-law told me about a Dr John Bergman and I cured myself of my migraines but now My gut needed to be fixed .Eating was painful, and I never know what reaction it would have. Then I found you. Thank God!!!

  4. At first I didn't believe about the increase in vitamin C so I googled it. Yes, fermented veg has the vitamin C become more bioavailabke from fermenting. Also cultured vegetables too. Thank you Donna.
    Loved reading your storyi of your daughter's health and how she recovered. Thank you so, so much for promoting this most healthy food.

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