19 thoughts on “Dazed And Confused

  1. wow! talk about a lamentation!. this is sad. check out Louie armstrong's dummy song same Idea but more of a joke.

  2. this song goes with something my grandpa said during a flashback……..THE HILLS HAVE EYES AND BIG ASS GUNS!song gets me every time and i kinda chuckle a bit. I know its a serious matter a Vietnam war flashback like that but still even he was laughing about it.

  3. Painful, plaintive, orgasmic vocals, vultures-pickin'-at-your-soul lead guitar, sledgehammer riffs…the best effen studio rock song of all time, and at 68 years young, I've heard most of 'em.

  4. Just pure, heavy, melodic, soul shredding harmonies from heaven. Thank you for one of the greatest songs EVER!

  5. This song crushes Stairway To Heaven in a nutshell. People who usually say Stairway To Heaven is the best Zeppelin song obviously doesn't know much about Zeppelin or just going by their Mainstream songs.

  6. Fuck now I know why this music was made for when u get high fuck by all means u don't even have to get high this shit is some real fuckin music

  7. Out of all the songs that have gotten stuck in my giant freakhead for days at a time unable to shake them.
    This is the only one I remember.

  8. I saw them perform 2x at the old Boston Garden . They performed this 🙂 oh yes they did 🙂 Stairway 🙂 lol 🙂 unreal is not appropriate enough

  9. Every person i meet is always suprised when i tell them i listen to and love led zepplin. Im an old soul i like rolling stones & GNR and i love the 60s and 70s. And here i am a 14 year old girl findgirling over robert plant and jimmy page

  10. Noone will ever understand how they did it. Practice i guess. And a whole lotta not givin a shit.

  11. great m.g.t.o.w.  song . . . lots of people talkin . . few of them know . . soul of a women was created below.

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