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  1. What's the ONE thing you want to see most in Halo 6? Let me know in the comments! Also I'm going to be streaming for the 2nd time ever, Saturday at 2:30pm Pacific Standard Time on my YouTube channel! So be sure to check that out!

  2. What if the only way to get base helmets would be through achievements, but the helmet variants could be unlocked with a in game currency system. I think that would be fair

  3. what about custom emblems. personally I have always wanted a custom emblem of my own. my gamer tag is Fliptop07 on xbox and I want something that goes with that. like players could go to halowaypoint.com and have the option to create an emblem and when you are done, press finish and apply so the next time you log on, you have an emblem that means something about you and not the same old emblem on different players

  4. Sure it doesn't NEED it, but I really want to see my idea put to action. So here it is

    Updates to the idea go to the bottom.

    Warzone 2.0 my version of what a REAL warzone should be. It'd be cool if they implement it into H6 but that probably won't happen lol.

    Updates to the idea go to the bottom.

    The maps of the mode are about the size of Mombasa from H3:ODST or bigger.
    Capture points are spread throughout the maps.
    Either the game servers are very long or last practically forever.
    The mode will have credits like in reach. The credits will be used only for this mode. You can use credits to upgrade/buy spawnables, fortifications, and vehicles (will get to later). Once one is bought it can be used forever. Once upgraded it can increase health, speed, or damage. Upgrades and buying new units can only be used out of game

    Spawnables – with the credits (which can be used in game, but not for upgrading or buying new units in game, must be done outside of match) you can buy marines which will arrive in a pelican in a near friendly capture point. The marines can be commanded to capture, defend, follow, patrol, and enter a vehicle. The normal marines will be equipped with br's and ar's. There will also be heavy marines. The heavy marines will also arrive in a pelican and will already have more health and heavier weapons like SPNKr's. Odsts can be called too, they would be called in a squad of about 4-5. they can be used to get behind enemy lines or just as a little bit of defense or offense to help if you are stuck in a sticky situation, armed with smgs, ars, etc. Health would be inbetween marines and heavy marines. Kills from marines will go towards you.

    Fortifications – Fortifications will be put into captured points. They will include Sentries(like HW), manned turrets, and barricades. The marines will be able to use manned turrets and take cover behind barricades. (can be upgrades)

    Vehicles – The vehicles will be dropped off in pelicans. Vehicles will include scorpion, gauss hog, rocket hog, warthog, mongoose, gungoose, hornet, falcon and so on. And possibly, there could be elephants which would act as mobile spawners which can be set up anywhere, although I do not know how they will arrive. Marines can drive everything except the elephant. Marines in elephant will either roam it or hop on a turret. When marines are in vehicles you can command them to go somewhere.

    If so Covenant
    Spawnables – Works alot like the UNSC spawnables, just different units. Spawnables would be Hunter, Elites, brutes(maybe), and grunts. Hunters would be just one hunter since they're big and OP. Elites would be like 5, brutes would be about 5 to, and grunts would be a full phantom/spirit. brutes, grunts, and elites can use vehicles.
    Vehicles – same as UNSC, just different vehicles. Vehicles are Ghost, Banshee, wraith, revenant, spectre, chopper, and prowler.
    Transports – transports are on both teams. UNSC has a Pelican, Covenant has a spirit or phantom. Pelican/spirit/phantom would have to be called in separately than the ones the spawnables arrive in. Spawnables can be commanded to get into transports.

    Additions to the idea

    Capturing – After you capture the homebase which is either taken over by rebels, Covenant, banished?, or forerunner, a pelican will arrive reinforcing it with marines. After that you go on to take over the map. The bases that you capture will add strategic advantages like a vehicle spawner or A.I spawn location> The bases that are captured will either be rebel, covenant, forerunner, or banished (idk about banished). You must eliminate all enemies inside the base to capture it, once all enemies are eliminated, you will start to slowly capture the base. The bases can vary between garage, armory, or outpost. Garages are used to spawn vehicles, Armories to refill on ammo and get new weapons, and outposts to spawn in spawnables like marines, ODST's don not need to be spawned at outpost, they can be spawned anywhere. Maybe airfields to spawn in air vehicles like pelicans, hornets, falcons etc. Now I think that bringing in land vehicles is cooler with a pelican, but its fine if they can implement both.

    Now that I think of it this idea is kinda like a first person halo wars, which is dope.

    That is all I have for now, If you really like this try to communicate it with 343 or something. Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this lol.

  5. I like the new multiplayer mechanics it makes it more fast pace and makes for more oprotunities to escape the chance down a kill and can sometimes be really cinimatic

  6. I'd like ground pound out because I'm always being reked and I'd like to see an assault rifle that dose more damage and used more often + load outs

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