1. I think Ultra Beasts are pokemon. And all of them are legendaries. “How?” you mighty argue.

    It’s safe to say that everybody agrees that the Cosmog line are legendaries. It is in-game canon that the player and hau find out that nebby is an ultra beast. Therefore, I believe that ultra beasts are legendaries.

    People say the Tapus aren’t legendaries.

    Shut up to those people. You’re just wrong

    People say that Type:Null and Silvally are not legendary.

    The recent shiny Silvally event called Silvally a legendary. The two are legendaries

    Is rotom a legendary.

    I used to think it was, but I don’t think the game classifies it as one. It’s up for debate.

    Is phone a legendary.

    I believe it is.

  2. Top 10 worst pokemon:
    10 Scrafty
    9 Scrafty
    8 Scrafty
    7 Scrafty
    6 Scrafty
    5 Scrafty
    4 Scrafty
    3 Scrafty
    2 Scrafty
    1 Scrafty

  3. Aggron the Ingenium…

    I'm really tempted to call it a BnHA reference, especially because the actual word means 'something genius' or something, which cleary doesn't seem to apply to Aggron.

  4. Quap used Metronome

    Quap became a normal type

    Luke: I need Rock Slide

    Callum: Why did burn up not work?

  5. I used to think Arcanine was a pseudo-legendary because the Anime had it with the legendary birds on that stone relief. Also, Luke with the snake ability on that Arcanine!

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