10 thoughts on ““FALL Flat On Your FACE!” – Michael Fassbender – Top 10 Rules

  1. hey there Michael. thank you everyday for the great work you do. In this video my favorite rule was number 10. To learn new skills. I am at this moment upgradung myself for knowledge i already have. yest still while upgrading i am learning new things along. Very good stuff this and i like it a lot.

  2. #4 Show, Don’t Tell!
    It’s so much easier to talk, than to walk.
    It takes more dedication to get up and DO something.

  3. Well I'm trying to get out of my downward spiral. Got into an accident today. That didn't help lol

  4. Awesome information and Video. Do Your Homework #3. Evan I do BELIEVE and Achieve Your goals, for Today do Your Best. THANKS again for Today's outing video again Evan. Hugs and have a Beautiful Day.

  5. Thanks A Million Evan for creating this delighted 🙂 really enjoyed watching Michaels top10 Rules.. my fav is #3"do your homework" Yay Thanks again <3

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