12 thoughts on “Fortnite BATTLE ROYALE – PUBG with Base Building & Destruction!!

  1. This was really fun to watch! by the way, are you thinking of ever continuing the Rust GangZ or make another GangZ series? I really enjoyed watching all of the Unturned GangZ videos you've created!

  2. Hey Paul, nice job on the Battlefield in Fortnite, I would really LOVE for you to play PUBG at some point in the near future, or once you have trained up enough, I like the Poly look(I think the look is Poly like) to the game, nice and Bright, personally, I like PUBG better than Fortnite because PUBG has much more stuff in general, like the guns and such are named and there's more guns, plus the graphics are pretty, pretty good. Keep up the good work there Paul!

  3. Sorry Paul, but this gamemode isn't for you. You're thinking like a streamer, and describing far too much to the audience (us), which is taking time away from moving to circle. You also have a tendency to play very conservatively in all of your games, and in this one….that will get you killed, as you saw. If you watch any PUBG players, they're constantly moving towards the circle and they barely say anything to the audience, just small exclamations, like "oh yes a shotgun."

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