19 thoughts on “Gennady Golovkin vs Daniel Jacobs Full Video Reaction of decision at MSG

  1. People just don't fucking get it… round for round, Jacobs won that fight. Boxing is dead, filled with a bunch of casual fans. What happened to this sport?

  2. Unless you're Sugar Ray Leonard titles don't just get handed out. Gotta take the title, a close fight ain't good enough.

  3. Racist trump b!tching "mex-americans" rooting against the hometown guy in Jacobs for a "white" "mejorar/adelantar la raza" european are happy the black guy lost of course, but Triple G is now being called "Triple Gift" …and Jacobs took the challenge like a man and to many won, while some guys cower and run to fight "big fights" that those same racist will praise… just before they bitch about the Mayweather Vs. McGregor money grab. You don't respect the sport, don't bitch.

  4. I thought Jacobs won that one but all the rounds was very close apart from the knockdown round but I think them two should do it again I think it was close enough for a re match !!!

  5. Triple G just showed us that he is badder than a rare form of lung cancer. Jacobs beat that rare form of lung cancer but he could not beat the rare form of a fighter that is Triple G! lol!

  6. Those faggots saying that it is a robbery… maybe you watched a different fight….. shut up nigga and do your coke at home fuck your mom

  7. another mayweather style ,another coward fighter jacob ,he cannot even hurt ggg,running man jacob if he played athletics I think he won ,lol

  8. GGGs jab was doing work and he scored a knockdown. Jacobs had good moments but never hurt Golovkin and didn't risk enough to get the devision.

  9. y este es el mejor libra por libra ??,jajajajaja y este le quiere ganar al canelo???? jajajajajaja que no mame pinche tronco

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