10 thoughts on “Good Manners: What to Say and Do (Polite English)

  1. Why do I see thums down much more than thumbs up on this video doesn’t she teach good enough about the manners

  2. Once one of my colleagues was moving heavy things all by herself. I felt bad, so I politely asked, “Do you need a hand?” That’s one way to ask if she needs help. She looked up angrily and barked at me, “A hand? I have two hands!” I gave a nervous smile, mumbled, “Of course, sorry”, turned away, and kept my mouth shut. Since then I stopped using that expression “need a hand”.

    We have a Japanese colleague. If anybody asks, “How are you, Dr. Takagi?”, he becomes very uncomfortable with suspicion, and asks back, “Why?” So we have dropped general polite greetings with him. I had some non-English-speaking colleagues, things got more weird/ridiculous with them. They ask me, “How are you?”, I respond, “I am fine. Thank you. How about yourself?” They get very offended. One of them thought, “How about yourself” means “not your damn business”. Another guy thought, it means “What is that to you?”. A woman thought, it means “Go F— yourself”. Politeness is highly overrated.

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