12 thoughts on “HAIM – Right Now (Live)

  1. So "live" means playing out of time on purpose now? I wonder how many takes it took to get the "live" feel :v

  2. Wtf is the blonde chic doing with her face… I mean my if its tourettes or some kind of nervous tick or something fare enough.I say no more my. If its to try n be different n stand out from the others tho… its just an epic fail. I mean stuff this BS SO CALLED BASS FACE. I play guitar BASS drums n sing n more We all have our nuances but it just ruins the video. Amazing video being live but I stop noticing WHAT shes even playing let alone the others who start and carry the whole song.

  3. you should go and see them live. I was so lucky I could see them in Barcelona a week ago and this song sounds 10000 times better!!

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