18 thoughts on “HEAT – Pacino and De Niro at the restaurant

  1. These actors are two of the best out there. I like films that display this ability in the best way. This one does that. I like watching the subtle expressions on their handsome faces.

  2. One of the best uses of 140 seconds of film, ever. Two consummate actors, doing what they do best, to great effect. (And I love the way the background noise gradually fades…..) Awesome.

  3. Stallone and Schwarzenegger would have done it better ! -Sly: "jo Arny, life is about how hard you get hit and keep moving forward"
    Arnold: "wanna go to the bathroom, I'll be back!"

  4. The real conversation:

    "After all my nominations, Godfathers, Dog Day Afternoon, Justice For All, and all that. I finally get my first one playing some blind guy who says hoo-ah every 5 seconds. But hey, what are you gonna do right?"

    "Yeah, it's been 15 years for me since Raging Bull already, you believe that? And then I do Max Cady in '91, and I mean I FUCKIN NAIL it right? And then who else comes out in '91? Hannibal Lector. But hey, what are you gonna do right?'

  5. At 1:22 mark the following quote " A guy told me one time, ' dont let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner'…. arguably the best line in the movie

  6. Arguably the best example of screen acting by two of the greatest film actors of our time. This scene should be part of every college's theater curriculum.

  7. Why do the Youtube available scenes like this w/De Niro & Pacino & the scene from American Hustle w/De Niro & Christian Bale end before the best & most intense parts?

  8. One of the top 10 scenes of all time. Perfect. I heard they weren't even in the same room, that each filmed this scene in different cities.

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