13 thoughts on “High Balance – Total War Warhammer 2 – Online Battle 18

  1. these are the kind of vids that got me good at rome 2 total war good stuff man love the coupling of spears and cav and i see the micro is getting better

  2. This guy's mistake was getting Malakith caught with Net of Amyntok. If he'd just kept his lord alive through for longer he'd probably have won the battle. Darkshards seem a bit OP to me with armor, shields and armor piercing dmg.

  3. Just cut the swordmasters and get more white lions. If enemy brings any Executioners themselves, just pepper them with archer fire. They fall surprisingly quick!

  4. I really don't think Lothern Seaguard are useful in any matchup except against Skaven or Vampire Counts (when ME comes out). Useful if you want skirmishers that can fight off summons, but that's it. They don't have the model count to really fight effectively in melee otherwise.

    Honestly play to HE's strength's in the meta, strong flyer presence and ability to hard counter single model units like dinos and lords easily. Nobles, Phoenix's and the dragon's area all really good at what they do. Your hitting power and gold spend should be on flying monsters and heroes. Don't rely on your infantry because they're either mediocre or over priced.

    You should always bring a monstrous presence as HE because they have some excellent options in that department. Don't bother with cavalry because HE cavalry sucks. Replace those shitty SIlver Helms and Dragon Princes with Phoenix's and actual Dragons, ya crazies.

  5. Lore wise, elves in general are supposed to be highly skilled in combat. For High Elves, while their basic troops (Spearmen) are essentially levies, the professional units are supposed to be among the most skilled in the world at what they do. In contrast, the Dark Elves are supposedly all dedicated warriors so in theory their Dreadspears should be more skilled than their High Elf counterparts (this never was the case in the tabletop game AFAIK however) and the direct equivalents (Black vs Phoenix Guard, Executioners vs Swordmasters) should be roughly on par skill wise, sometimes with a different speciality though.

    In the tabletop game however, at least one edition made the High Elves exceedingly potent model for model as they were able to always hit first in combat, even with slower weapons. That wasn't all that long ago, and it seems some people still think High Elves should always have the advantage when they hit melee regardless of who charges.

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