10 thoughts on “How Big Will Black Panther Open This Weekend? – SJU!

  1. Joe, is it possible for you to give some of your fans the samples for the Dark Shadows makeup? Asking for a friend.

  2. NO! Transformers NEEDS a reboot! Please, for the love of crap, make it good again! Don't let Bay kill this franchise. Recreate everything that made Transformers great in the 80s, so it can live on for the next generation. Do not let Bay have the last word and ruin this forever!!!

  3. I liked BP and will definitely get the Blu-ray but it didn't crack the top 5 MCU movies for me. I loved how the writing/directing was meaningful without being preachy but there were some comic book movie troupes that it could have skipped.

  4. Black Panther going Crazy here in South Africa and Zimbabwe been to both countries recently and its all people are talking about.

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