14 thoughts on ““How to become successful in life” by Will Smith

  1. Nice video. As an average person, I tried many times to get success in my field. I found ultimately, I lack enough creativity to get ahead. At that time I realized that big words are from big people to encourage average people only. If an average people want to be big, he needs to increase his creativity at least ten times more.
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  2. I just started a channel to motivate people to start their own business and showing them how easy it is. I ain't selling anything, just sharing my thoughts and experiences.

  3. such positivity people that dont like this hasnt done a damn thing in their life soo saad ..u dont have to be rich to make a great impact on other people lives as long as you accomplish your goal u have set for yourself or have at least tried that is what i believe will is talking about love u will for this inspiration ive been scared to take on supervisor positions but my nxt opportunity im definitely gonna at least try it yaaas..

  4. Refreshing and easy to understand tips! Thank you for sharing 🙂
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