18 thoughts on “How to Buy Rough Lumber

  1. great tips.. but the way he was gripping that handle, in the passenger seat as you guys were leaving the mill, suggest that you may want to use a couple extra straps on the building material. Apparently he doesn't trust your ability to operate a moving vehicle.. lol

  2. 200 usd is nothing, if i would have bought that it would cost me like 500 bucks ( i live in sweden)

  3. Excellent video! I looked almost all morning for a video that explained tips about buying lumber at a lumber yard and that made sense out of the lingo and techniques needed when buying there. Thank you and subscribed…

  4. Holy crap! American lumber prices are ridiculous. I could buy teak lumber for less than you guys paid for that walnut.

  5. My father was a master carpenter. As a young man he worked in the forest of Arkansas cutting all types of timber such as pine, oak, Maple, Birch and cedar. During the great depression he was hired over dozens other men for a job grading lumber in a large Detroit lumber yard he did construction work and finish carpentry for many years in California. He never used any of the terminology used in this video to refer to lumber neither have I ever heard most of it used by lumber yard workers or carpenters??

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