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  1. Hi , can you tell me if I can use this same formula to find out my actual gear ratio . Because I know the speed , rpm ect ?

  2. I remember hotrod or car craft Doing this, but they included the weight of the car and that gave required horsepower, then they figured gear ratio to keep it in a certain speed bracket. Anyone know what I'm tslki about? I need that article in my life.

  3. If USA changed to SI units you could eliminate strange conversion factors like 336. Also why not rearrange the formula, you make gear ratio the answer, you know speed and the max revs you want to hit, it will then pop out ratio, this prevents iterations and hunting for the answer.

  4. Some would complain this American didn't use metrics in the making of his video. If this video was made on foreign soil your complaint would be a valid one. He's giving you free, and I believe really cool information. You people are so damn spoiled! Stop always trying to find errors in others and what they do. Point your finger at this man now look at your hand. That's right you have three fingers pointing back at yourself!

  5. Stupid question it's possible for a automatic transmission car to stall or buck like a manual transmission if the brakes are dragging and it's carbureted with a distributor??? had to work on my brakes and I think the first time I tried driving it they got stuck on that or I have a new problem but it was driving ok before I did the work on it. Ps. Was in a hurry to get to work so I think I fixed or in the process of the sticky brakes ( residual valve ) but haven't gotten to drive it yet the Engine idles ok and revs ok

  6. Is the gearing of the transmission, how many gears it has, what gear you're in at the given speed irrelevant?

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