14 thoughts on “How to Grow a Cherry Tree from Seed (Part 1)

  1. Hi
    It's so nice and good video
    Do I need to store the seeds in the refrigerator or I can plant it directly after eating the fruit, by the way its a summer time now here
    Thanks for being helpful and cooperative

  2. Where do U kept all the time this planted cherry seed? On which temperature? How much sunlight? How many times per day you pour water and how much? 😀 I watched this and second video…but I need info about this questions because I plan to plant on my own 😀 thanks

  3. i was reading on some websites, they say not to remove the shell. is removing the shell really necessary?

  4. I grow cherry tree from seeds but they are not eatable, especially the Bing Cherry. I grow the Rainier cherry out of seeds too and they are doing very well. The fruits are delicious. I wish someone help me why the Bing cherry is not giving me the real fruits but a tiny bitter fruits and how can I get the real fruits so that I do not have to cut down the tree.

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