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  1. Maybe I've just been lucky but manufacturers' sealing washers have always done the job for me. That said, I always thoroughly clean the ceramic surfaces with trade wipes to ensure a good seal with the washer and backnut. On occasion I have had to sand down rough spots on the underside of the basin outlet before cleaning with a wipe. Same applies to toilet cistern flush pipe seals.

  2. hi i bought this wash hand basin without the fittings … how do I know what drain to buy .. measurements wise .. thanks

  3. Thanks for the tips – after trying unsuccessfully to fix a leaking basin that had used the original sealing washers and lots of sealant, I bought the sealing kit from Screwfix (8795R) and now all is well. Getting the conical washer in place when the basin was already installed was a challenge, but with my wife leaning on the pop-up waste pipe from above and me wiggling the conical washer on from below, we managed in the end!

  4. Genius you've solved my problem. An afternoon's headache solved with a £2 product – thanks for the demo, problem solved!

  5. Thanks for all your helpful videos.
    In this case, I think the basic problem is that water makes its way along the thread between the lower seal washer and the waste unit, as some commenter(s) said before.
    I bought one of those basin mate things, but the thread on my pop-up waste unit wasn't long enough to accommodate both it and the locknut. So I decided to try the suggestion of the earlier commenter, and simply put some sealant (I used Plumber's Mait) around the part of the thread where the lower washer contacts it. I just used the foam washer that came with the waste unit.
    That was a couple of weeks ago and, touch wood, no leaks yet.

  6. Plumbers mate …. not silicone and why your saying there hard seal is beyond me. Your plumbers good mental haha.

  7. I've got a basin waste to install and I intend to try using one of those basin and vanity bowl sealer kits on its own. What I don't understand though, is why water can't come through the overflow slots (either from the actual overflow or by running down the waste as normal and then making it's way through the slot) and then make its way around the threads. Obviously the taper on the rubber bung makes a good seal with the underside of the basin but it doesn't seem like it will make a watertight seal around the threads, so won't water go between the threads and the bung? I hope that makes sense 🙂

  8. I had same problem unable to stop leak, my nephew tried for hours, found this video, a couple of quid later job done. thanks for posting here helped me big time

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