17 thoughts on “How to Smoke a Pipe – Pipes 101 #1

  1. loving the vid not finished but you don't light a cigar you toast it if you go straight for a light bleck tastes chared

  2. I have huge pipe on my summer cottage and it belonged to my granpa, and its the best thing ever……when ever im reading a book i just go outside to the porch and smoke the pipe while reading, and my granpa left me his own tobacco mix and its amazing

  3. Love your video man! Just started my own pipe tobacco channel! Check it out! Your video is super helpful!

  4. Went into a smoke shop the other day, asked if they had pipes, the guy pulls out a little glass weed pipe, I was disappointed.

  5. I tried showing these techniques to my stoner friends applying them to weed and it blue all their minds that they didn't have to relight their pipe after every hit.

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